Friday, April 2, 2010

d'Artiz @ Temple Kuin Yim Tong

According to Chinese calender, end of CNY is a valentines day for Chinese. So, we decided to go kuin yim tong looked around and have fun.


have the potential to become masked rider ~~

Its hard to swing YOU!!!!

V for victory

product of china n malaysia: Panda and monkey XD

Mr. Horse suits him

game ~~

did he win smtg?

FZ: ' I want moh head'

Soon: ' I want moh mouth'

Ang ang: ' Aiyah! moh all mai dak lo'

headstand pattern 1=.=

headstand pattern 2

headstand pattern 3

which one nicer? @@

airchair on a giant chess...woooohoo @@

macam budak kecil

macam ah gua ~~

broke back moutain ~~

lets kacau and fool around XP

Fetch us to anywhere !!!!!


on the way to meet them ~~


people mountain people sea

met a friend - wengweng

gay love under the wishing tree

just for fun =P

what do we call this? love connector?

a lot of guys ' lao kam'. wish them good luck XD

met another fren - Ivy

bboy in action 1

Look at his expression XD

find the it !

bboy action 3

Its hard to pass through and finally we climbed till the top ^^


pick one ^^. ask me for their contacts


malaysia treasure vs china's treasure

another love story begins here......

1st love

Met a fren - pooi yee

Wishing everyone fatt dai choi ^^

japanese style wishing ^^

end up playing water ~~

Thinking men 1

Thinking men 2 ( yeng lahhhhhh)

group photos

Its hard to ride on it ~~

I like their expression. Especially Ally's one ^^

My turn to jadi budak.

take 1

I don't know the wheel will explode or not XP

on the ship

Imma so scared those ''kam'' will fall down or not @@


rm10 for 3.



kiddo so cute.

d'Artiz wishing everyone have a great Chap goh mei.
Say bye bye to Chinese New year XD.

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