Tuesday, March 2, 2010

January updates!!!

Hello guys!! Sorry for the late updates.
Even though not much happenings in January, but we do participate in some events and performances in Ipoh.
Let's check it out!!!!!

010610- voodoo hip hop competition(Final)

Congratulations!!! Our d' Street and Lingzy have won 1st runner up in both team and solo category. Good job!!!

Nicklauz - judge of the night

Ah bear


Do you wanna mess with me??

yo!!! what's up????

You can't see me XD nanananana nanananana.

kiss kiss


Friends who came supported us - Kityee and Jeannie


Our supporter - Kityee and Fei Zhai

Team Fir3

Choose one?

What is going on???

Passes for participants

Relaxing before heading downstair ^^

shireen and her mother

BIG supporter - Ssandara phan wei yee <3

Thank you for coming!

Wanna have a drink???


BOM fee with his friends

Our members vs Trophy ^^

YL - Team Fi3e - d'Street - Fee

Us with Ally

go go go!!!

Well done guys!!! Let's keep on practising!!!!


290110 - ALLY 's birthday

Happy birthday Ally!! May all your wishes come true and We always love you^^.

Wishing .........

GOT CHA!!!!!


Happy Birthday!!!!

Blow water session XD