Thursday, October 29, 2009

201009 - d'Artiz Kampar

harry potter? ali bobo la.. bday boy!!



nice facial..

muz post: hot stuff.. hot kisses..
checkout da frenlies:

visit us at KAMPAR !!

18-191009 - d'Artiz @ BBQ & Pangkor


the day before..^^BBQsteamboat la..


mom n daughters..

wrong focus tim.. nvm da pot is nicer than the faces^^

haha.. good laugh..
y? da pot so nice meh?


??? =.=


enuf lo.. all stopped except you two guys =.=

and the next day.. PANGKOR!!

scroll up and checkout the VIDEO if u haven!!!


161009 - d'Artiz @ Oversea Restaurant / JCI Event

stephFEEen chowsingchi: camera man

not single. not available

suma pun d'Artiz geh.. ^_^

cheh..VIP tau makan aje..=.=

omo.. pinku shoe stood out la =.= paiseh..

geli-orh.. all long hair -.-

and long hands =.=

about LOVE!! g.o.o.d. Love! oh yeah!!!

wah.. wan take pic.. pay us la ^^

keke ^_^

lastly.. group only^^

101009 - d'Artiz @ Royal Ipoh Club / Olympia O' Nite

dekat mana: ROYAL IPOH CLUB
ape buat : show @ olympia college 'O' Nite
bila masa: 101009 ^^

afte sho..

ghost at playground^^

more hantu(s)
ok, we went back studio rest. and on the music, there
we go.
went crazy with some parody.
juz checkout the video below ^^

f(x) or eppu ekx?.

we're 4ne1 ^^

041009 - d'Artiz fooling around - mooncake fest

old face - young at heart (happy mooncake day^^)

butt on fire?? ehehehehe..


airbrushed abs ^^

this is stupid : get heat wor.. so damn 'kook' stil wan heat =.=

wa... ^_______^

eternal chain?

lighting;s good.. shaky camera =.=

mervin 01 - =.=

mervin 02 - __________________-'"
date: mooncake day lo
venue: pologround (not battleground)