Saturday, February 28, 2009

d'Artiz Studio Promotion 2009

hello there everyone,
we'll be giving out this vouchercard/calendar randomly to everybody.
For those who are interested to learn dancing, you're chance is here to tryout
any lessons u like with 50% OFF the 1st month of the dance lesson.
(terms and conditions apply)

(click for larger view)
please call us for more information!

Friday, February 27, 2009

ALL THE WAY LIVE (philippines) - event coverage Part 1 - 170109

hi there everyone.
it's been a long time since the blog's been updated.
so here's some cheezy pictures that i captured in phillipines during the trip. check out the clips as well. not captured by me, for MY VIDEOS, ill upload them for the PART 2 of this blog entry.

the airport

streets of CUBAO

spaggetti on the MCD's menu.. nice!

inside the JEEPNEY, i swear they're even faster than KIMI F1, crazy driver.
(eddie, me n Jelcy(teamVIBE)

team vibe's studio.. check out their performance

team vibe


makati? the city, somewhere near the Embassy Club.

inside the club already, cre8 from norway rehearsing

cre8 norway

then i saw a korean... bboy differ from TIP (in black)


after-comp cypher

me with bgirl narumi (27) and judge bgirl shie chan (30)

narumi & shie chan

me n bgirl Ling(24) n friend from Hong Kong

i swear he's freakin hot, the organiser ,POWERSERGE?

bboy differ,TIP korea


bboy bojin, HRC crew Taiwan


another organiser from the US..
ATWL organiser/beatz and pieces.. iwant the shirt badly T_T

know ur rank, the MC from supreme soul

supreme soul on America Best Dance Crew (hot!)

girls from cre8

with funkanometry(san francisco, US) and team Vibe

Funkanometry SF

Jelcy (17)

philipines kidbboys..



breakfast with team vibe, the next day

MALL OF ASIA (2nd largest shopping mall in the world)

with famous crew's eric and eddie
bboy fai,bboy famous-1,bboy fido

outside MOA

msia n phillipine family

last supper^^ philly food

last good bye, thanks for everything.

my small luggage beside the big one,backpack n camera bag! (view from hotel)

plane - bboy fido,bboy kim



for more travel pictures and famous crew,

pls checkout

watchout for PART 2!