Thursday, July 16, 2009

260609 - BBOY GONZA's workshop

check out gonza's msg:

thanks to joel and danzity for the opportunity for us to meet bboy gonza.
Gonza shared everything from tops, downs, n various variations n transitions..
Adding his own style and even sharing some of the battling tips,
this workshop was sure an unmissable one^^

teaching da bgirls^^



more sharings...

footwork...ah.. i see myself^^

gonza: battling advise..

so much to share..

ally & soulless

mC joel from kl all the way!!

big joel+ small yeeling = funny case ^^

gonza n the boys....

thank you!!

hope to see everybody again!

gonza: at last i can sleep^^

gonza & joel tan
big eyes vs small eyes

diamond crew^^


thank you everybody who support this event!
we hope to bring more international talented dancers to ipoh..
may ipoh's dancers grow and explore more about different dance styles!
sharing is caring....PEACE!

260609 - BBoy Nite Ipoh

WHEN: 260609
WHERE:d'Artiz Studio,Ipoh

the battle chart,judged by bboy gonza
(nice tagging^^)

warm-up cypher


gonza is thailand,thailand is gonza..

funny n dorky.. 'very NICE ^^'

bboy devil from penang..

bboy soulless, ipoh

final battle: soulless vs devil

da hugging thing is a must^^

n the winner goes to SOULLESS!
check out the final battle:

250609 - Bboy Nite Penang

the stage @ new world park penang

checkout the final battle in 2 parts:

bboy tissue

bboy soft & penang bboY^^

MC Joel

Soft & gonza

gonza conducting workshop@ danzity studio

footwork baby......

okay.. next stop: IPOH MALI!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

BOM ....July Update!!!

Sorry guys, been lacking of update recently because of shows and other matters.
Anyhow, we're gonna cover up some issues here.
Not much, juz some pictures and videos to share.
Not now but later alright?
So keep checking us from time to time ^^

1) bboy night penang
2) bboy night ipoh
4) workshop by bboy gonza (thailand)
3) kking mega concert
4) National Kidney Foundation charity dance concert at PJ