Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lost World Beach Party Promo@ ipoh parade 26/12/08

choose 1 gal u like, ask me for their number^^

Pls JOIN :LOCKING n HOUSE dance WORKSHOP (30/12/08)

3ki Riki

Ricky Carranza (aka 3ki Riki) is the founder and principal teacher at Style Dance Industry. He is a multi-talented free-style dancer and has been in the dance business for more than 25 years. Ricky was originally born in Manila, Philippines, but has studied and been living in Italy. In 2005, after working in Vancouver, Canada, Ricky moved to Helsinki. He works alongside important dance figures all over the world. At the age of 18, he was already working professionally in the television and has made important contribution to the development of streetdance in the Philippines, and among the first streetdancers in Japan in the 80´s. He travels around the world to promote global friendship through urban dance and all the positive aspects of it.

information on 3ki Riki credit on :


WORKSHOP information:

DATE: Dec 30 Tues

Fee: RM6o only (locking + house dance)
duration : Almost 4 hours workshop

contact :016-5400650,

HOUSE will be taught by Mr. Joel from Urban Groove.

BBOY CHOCO workshop at Malaysia 05/12/08

hu's talking?

ah.. bboy choco (rep: HRC,formosa crew, taiwan)

R-16 bboy event shirt....

guiding.. while admirers looked on^^

can u teach one more set?
choco : more coke pls....

d'Artiz n Choco

til we meet again.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

kbox embassy opening (12/12/08)

wah... D ONE studio.. not to be mistaken as d'Artiz Studio...

waitin to perform


mr. grass lee hou

08' k-king & jien wei


let the show begin..

thank you..

Urban Groove KL (a nite at polo ground)

kah heng,mervin
sidney,lydia,amanda(UG kl)